Abracon/Ecliptek/ILSI/MMD/Oscilent |
Crystals, MEMs Oscillators, Oscillators, Precision Timing, Real Time Clocks, Inductors, RJ45s, Antennas, Wireless Charging Coils, RFID Tags

Achronix |
High Bandwidth, Network-On-Chip FPGAs with GDDR6, 400G Ethernet and PCIe Gen5 Interfaces

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) |
Standard and Custom Heat Sinks, Design Services

ATOP Optics |
CFP, QSFP+, SFP+, XFP, SFP, Copper SFP, BIDI SFP, CWDM and 1x9 Transceivers

Efinix |

FPGAs from 4K to 200K Logic Elements (LEs) with industry standard IP blocks including GPIO, PLLs, Oscillators, MIPI, DDR, LVDS and PCI Express

EVE Energy |

Industry Standard and Custom Lithium (Ion, Polymer, SOCL2, MnO2) Batteries & Cells

GaN Systems |
Gallium Nitride based power management semiconductor devices

GlobTek |
Level VI Power Supplies, Wall Plug Power Supplies, ITE Power Supplies, Medical Power Supplies, Power Cords, Vehicle Chargers, Battery Chargers, DC/DC Converters, Batteries

ISSI Inc. |
Sync & Async SRAM, QDR/DDR-II/II+ SRAM, RL2 & RL3 DRAM, SDRAM/DDR/DDR2/DDR3 DRAM, DDR3 SDRAM + ECC, Pseudo SRAM, NOR Flash, NAND Flash, Audio Amplifiers, LED Drivers, I/O Expanders

Lumissil |

LED Drivers, Touch Sensors, MCUs, Audio Amplifiers, ICs

Mill-Max Manufacturing |
BGA, PGA, SIP and DIP Sockets, Pin Headers, Board-to-Board Interconnects, PCB Pins, Spring (Pogo) Pins, Swage Mount Pins, Receptacles, Solder Terminals, Custom Screw Pins and Receptacles

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) |
DC-DC Power Modules, DC-DC & AC-DC Discrete Converters, Battery Mgmt. ICs, Motor Drivers, Magnetic Positioning & Current Sensors, LED & Display Drivers, Class-D Audio Amps, E-Fuse, USB & Load Switches

Qualcomm RF360 |
Comprehensive portfolio of filters & filter technologies, including Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW), Temperature-Compensated Surface Acoustic Wave (TC-SAW) & Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) solutions to support the wide range of frequency bands being deployed in networks across the globe, for applications including Wireless, Automotive & Industrial

Sondrel |

ASICs, SoCs, Design Services

Telink Semiconductor |
Low-Power 2.4GHz RF SOCs for Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, 6th LoWPAN/Thread & Homekit

Triad Semiconductor |
Fast Time-To-Market Mixed Signal ASICs

Truly Displays |
TFT, OLED and AMOLED, Monochrome, Standard/Custom Panels and Modules, Camera Modules

UnitedSiC |
High-performance silicon carbide FETs based on a proprietary cascode configuration (JFET co-packaged with a cascode optimized Si-MOSFET)

Voice & Audio Interface, Digital Signal Processing, Microphone Aggregation/Voice Capture, Speech Recognition

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